Osun rejects Clean-up Nigeria’s armchair rating

 Osun rejects Clean-up Nigeria’s armchair rating

A report in the media released by one Clean-up Nigeria, a supposedly non-governmental organization, has been condemned by the government of Osun State as idle armchair mischief.

According to the survey, Osun ranks low on the country’s cleanliness performance rating.

According to a statement from the state government’s Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Funke Egbemode, the study should be ignored in its whole since it does not reflect the situation in Osun in any way.

The Clean-up report is dirty and dubious, according to Egbemode.

“The people living in Osun know the truth and we implore them to see the report for what it is, the handiwork of mischievous clout-chasers seeking public acceptance and relevance by any means.

“One wonders which Osun State the report was rating. Is it this same Osun where Ifedayo Local Government is the only local government in the entire South-West that is Open Defecation Free, and among the 61 local governments out of 774 in Nigeria that has been certified Open Defecation Free?

“Is it this same Osun that has a functional Waste Management Agency that ensures safe waste disposal? This is a state that has a sanitation team among its Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) with a mandate to ensure the cleanliness of streets, towns, and cities across the state on a daily basis.

“The government’s heavy investment in de-silting and opening up of water channels is there for all to see. And these are just a few of the efforts of the state to keep its people safe. One can’t help but wonder how these details escaped Clean-up Nigeria in their sweeping generalization.

“If only the sponsors of the report had invested the necessary empirical undertaking to appraise the environmental status of Osun, they would have delivered a balanced and credible report,” the statement said.

The State Government reaffirmed its commitment to do all possible to improve the quality of life for people of the state, despite distractions from those grasping at straws to maintain political relevance.

“We’re not in the league of the untidy and the records need to be set straight because this kind of information possesses the capacity to mislead a large number of innocent Nigerians and also portray the government and the people of the State in a false light,” the statement added.

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