NANS Senate President expelled for gross misconduct

Gambo Mohammed

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has expelled its Senate President, Abubakar Gambo Mohammed.

It was gathered that Mohammed was expelled on Tuesday during an emergency joint senators (SUG Presidents) and stakeholders congress for offences ranging from extortion, anti-organizational activities, illegal conveying of NANS Senate meeting on zoom platform, sabotage and gross indiscipline.

He was also accused of tampering and manipulating the NANS constitution and Charter of Demand without recourse to constitutional provisions, a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting stated.

“Despite the information being in public domain, the desperate merchants, so called former leaders represented at the illegal zoom Senate meeting by Ogolo Victory, a former Vice President of NANS in 2005 and Haruna Kadiri, former NANS Zone B coordinator 2006/2007 and factional President in 2017, disgracefully, against the practice, constitution and tradition of NANS, procured with N3m the Senate President, Abubakar Mohammed Gambo, whose official and constitutional duty ended in March, 2020 to do their illegal bidding.

“In their myopic tendencies, they organized a zoom Senate meeting even after a pre-convention NANS Senate meeting which held in Enugu in March, 2020, the last assignment of the Senate President and shamelessly impersonated legitimate Student Union Government officials and delivered estopically their long awaited evil plan against Nigerian students whom they have been in the business of trading for monetary gains and particularly the South Western zone of NANS whom the Presidency of NANS is due any moment and for which they have sworn to throw into disunity.

“Nigerian students have seen through their evil plots and have since from beginning of their inordinate mission till now sworn never to allow them take the students for a ride. The resolve of the outgoing Danielson Akpan led administration is to return to the (Zone D) the South-West zone of NANS a united Presidency under which NANS can continue to flourish and serve the interest of Nigerian students with capacitated voice.

“In bringing their ignorance to the fore, at their illegal zoom Senate meeting, unknown to Nigerian students and conglomerated by non students, the merchants purportedly impeached the performing global President, fruitlessly replacing him with a serving government official (Chidi Ilogebe), a Special Assistant to the governor of Enugu State who has since been suspended after his appointment and subsequent refusal to resign his position, in line with the constitution of NANS which forbids government officials or partisan members from holding executive offices in NANS.

“Knowing that their allegations at the illegal zoom meeting are watery, baseless, malicious and intended to divide the students, it is important to assert that this illegality is of no consequence, unrecognizable, unknown to the constitution of NANS and unacceptable to Nigerian students. The ongoing transition plan to a new leadership is on course and unshakably indestructible. Nigerian students are resolute that never again shall they allow the locusts to throw their cherished organization into disunity.

“The outgoing leadership under Danielson Akpan, GCNS remain focused in its vision of bequeathing a united NANS to the South-Western zone of NANS and nothing shall dissuade that vow.

“To this end, a NANS national stakeholders’ meeting will be conveyed in the coming days to address sundry issues and set the record straight in respect of the frivolous allegations making round within the NANS community,” the communique reads in full.

Source: Sahara Reporter

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