My second term will be decided by the people of Osun – Oyetola

 My second term will be decided by the people of Osun – Oyetola

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola

On Wednesday, Governor of the State of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola, stated there was no “serious dispute” inside the ruling All Progressives Congress in the state, and voiced hope for re-election.

With the current conflict in the ruling party, Oyetola was questioned if he could win another term in 2022 while speaking with reporters in his Iragbiji home.

In response, the governor stated that efforts were still being made to reach out to individuals who had fundamental concerns with his administration.

He said, “Election winners are determined by performance or ratings by people but most importantly, God determines winners of the election. If God ordains it and people, will determine the next governor. There is no real quarrel in APC. What we have is disagreement on principles.”

Speaking about the arrears of modulated salary owed workers by the previous administration, Oyetola confirmed that he promised to pay them off during his election campaign.

He did say, though, that keeping the commitment would be contingent on the resources available to his administration, and that he would continue to prioritize worker welfare.

“Only a few states pay salaries now, I have been paying full salary since 2018. I have implemented minimum wage while many states are yet to do so. I am not reneging on my promise to pay salary arrears, but that will be subject to availability of funds.”

He claimed that logistics issues had hampered the formal launch of Amotekun Corps in the state, but that recruiting of men had begun.

He said, “With the administrative issues affecting the group being resolved, the corps will take off soon. The men are doing well helping to provide security. I believe they will do better; we will support them with necessary facilities, including equipment.”

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