I will harmonize the various zones of NANS if elected as president- Adekitan Adebisi aka Tunice

 I will harmonize the various zones of NANS if elected as president- Adekitan Adebisi aka Tunice

Com. Adekitan Lukman Adebisi is one of the leading aspirants contesting to be the president of National Association of Nigeria Students. In a media chat with Osun Insight, where he shared his profile, plans and revivification agenda for the NANS.

What’s your profile?

My name is ADEKITAN LUKMAN ADEBISI (TUNICE) SANS. Am an indigene of Ikire in Irewole Local government, Osun State. I attended Olusanya Primary School Agege, Lagos State. I proceeded to Able God’s College Owode Iyewa Ogun State. (SSCE).

I’m a graduate of Accounting from Federal Polytechnic Ede and a student of Political Science at Osun State University.


  • Director Of Welfare at department of Accountancy at Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State (2011/2012) academic session.
  • Public Relation Officer (PRO) NANS/JCC OSUN State Axis. (2012/2014) academic session.
    Chairman NANS/JCC Osun State Axis. (2014/2016) academic session.
  • Immediate past Coordinator Of NANS ZONE D (South West) to that comprises of the six state we are having in our dear south west region (Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Lagos and Ekiti). (2017/2019) academic session.
  • A member of the institute Of chartered Accountant Of Nigeria (ICAN).

What are your programmes for Nigerian students. Simply put, why do you want to be NANS president ?

My intention for running for this office is because of my ingenuity and the experience I have gathered since my active involvement in students activism as a former Public Relations Officer and the Chairman of Osun State NANS JCC respectively.

I was fortunate to serve the entire Nigerian students at the Zonal level where I served as the Zone D Coordinator in 2018. We recorded massive achievements.

More so, I have developed good leadership traits. I love to serve my people. My intention to serve the Nigerian Students at the National level is because of the zeal I have for the genuine struggle. I also felt that it is time to restore the lost glory of NANS and restructure the association. To be candid, most Nigerian Students have lost hope in this association. Many don’t even know if NANS still exist.

So, it is pertinent for us to restore NANS in our various campuses.

As a former Coordinator, we did a lot in restoring NANS to our campuses across south-west. Our presence were felt. So, we’ll bring same presence if elected as the National president and replicate some of these achievements at the National level.



Some decades ago, there used to be cohesion and unity amongst the zones of the Association, whereby a zone will join another zone for protest, especially when the needs arises. This was made possible because they all share the same interests. However, reverse is the case now. We have different factions within the association at the zones level, which has promoted disunity in the association. This is really affecting our students. There is a need for unity. This will be my first step when I assume office as the National President.


There is no way anyone can fight for the students if there is no body like the Students’ Union Government in our campuses. We will do our best and deploy all machineries at our disposal in making sure that we restore Students’ Union Government to our campuses across the Nation. By so doing, all anti-students policies either from the management or government can be resisted.

Secondly, many of our Students leaders have been rusticated because they agitated on behalf of other students. We shall make sure they are reinstated as students. We were able to achieve this as zonal coordinator. The record is there for all to see.


This will be very crucial to our administration. There is need for our students to feel our presence in their various campuses. We shall set up presidential committees across the zones and the committee will be saddled with the responsibility of visiting our students in their various institutions. Our government will be inclusive.


This is the most important list on our agenda. It concerns the lives and properties of our students. There shall be viable means of communication and meetings with the security agencies in the country.

We shall have meetings with internal security agents in our campuses. More so, we’ll ensure that theft and buglary in our institutions is curbed. There are reports of burglary cases in our students hostels especially when the school is on break. We shall find lasting solutions to this when we assume office. There is need for the security of lives and properties of our students.

The victimization and harassment of students must also stop. We should be able to move freely without fear and intimidation.


We used to have this sort of programme but not anymore. We need to encourage our students. We have many of them who are brilliant but struggling to pay their fees. But through this programmes, we will discover them and they shall be empowered through scholarships. This programme will also encourage students who are struggling academically, because they will also want to gain from the dividends of the programme.


We are concern about the health of Nigerian students. We shall take them through the registration for the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS). We ‘ve had reports of students having different health related issues. This health insurance scheme will help them financially. We will also partner with concerned stakeholders in the health sector. Our students must be healthy.

With this, we shall be a responsible and responsive government if we eventually emerge by the grace of God.

You tagged your campaign REVIVIVATION, what is it all about?

To bring back NANS in our campuses, where Nigerian students will have access and be able to channel their plights from their institutions. NANS has lost her past glory but with TUNICE we will revive that.
The term REVIVIFICATION simply means to revive, restore or bring back life to something. We adopt this theme because of the deteriorating state of NANS. I believe it is high time we brought back the lost glory. We shall work hand in hand with our Senators from various institutions in the country if we emerge. There will be prompt academic programmes and orientations for our students. We shall at all time fight for a genuine struggle.

Most Nigerian Students are currently at home due to the strike action embarked upon by ASUU. If you emerge as NANS president, how will you ensure this is prevented/resolved?

Firstly, you will agree with me that ASUU is legally agitating for their rights. A lecturer who is not being paid his/her salary cannot teach students. We will at all time stand with the lecturers. So far, they are fighting for their rights.

There will also be meetings with the Federal Government at all time to ensure that its actions with ASUU do not affect our students. The government should ensure that it fulfill any agreement signed with ASUU.

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