Eid-el-Kabir:Oyetola calls for religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and good neighbourliness among Nigerians.

 Eid-el-Kabir:Oyetola calls for religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and good neighbourliness among Nigerians.

…warns against compromising Covid 19 safety precautions

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola

Governor of the State of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola, observed the Eid-el-Kabir prayers in Osogbo, the State capital, on Tuesday morning.

The prayer was held at the Central Praying Ground in Osogbo.

Residents of Osogbo flocked out in great numbers to greet the Governor, creating an atmosphere that was not only pleasant but also filled with excitement and obvious enthusiasm.

Residents gathered in the streets in various areas to express their joy, solidarity, and support for the Governor and his administration, and to hang banners bearing the Governor’s portraits along the pathways leading to the Osogbo Central Praying Ground.

This comes as the Governor urged Nigerians to practice religious tolerance, peaceful cohabitation, good neighbourliness, fellowship with the less fortunate, complete compliance with Covid-19 pandemic safety recommendations, and restraint in festival celebrations.

Governor Oyetola’s convoy had earlier left Government House, Okefia, via Old Garage, Station Road, Oja-Oba, Obate, and Oke-Baale, where citizens lined the streets to show their support for the Governor and express their happiness with the way he has been running the state since taking office.

Governor Oyetola addressed the Muslim Ummah shortly after the two Rakaat Prayers, urging Muslims to uphold the festival’s significance and embrace it as a way of life.

Oyetola, who characterized Eid-el-Kabir as a time for serious thought, urged Muslims to live in peace and moderately celebrate the festival.

He challenged them to embrace the holiday as an opportunity to double down on good actions by reaching out to the less fortunate, who, he added, deserve to rejoice as well.

Governor Oyetola stated that the current condition of affairs in the country necessitated citizens maintaining peace and promoting religious tolerance.

He commended the Muslim Ummah around the world for seeing and enjoying another Eid-el-Kabir, which had to be postponed due to the devastating impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic that destroyed the whole world last year.

“I congratulate all the Muslims in Osun, Nigeria and entire world. We thank God that we are able to celebrate this year. Last year, we were unable to celebrate because of Covid-19 pandemic. But we thank Almighty Allah for giving us the grace to be here today.

“I want to enjoin you all and our people in general to live in peace and celebrate this Eid-el-Kabir moderately. We should extend hands of fellowship to the less privileged who deserve to celebrate as well. We must continue to maintain peace. We must avoid anything that can threaten peace in our State and we must not emphasise religious difference but rather promote religious tolerance.

” We must love our neighbours and we must not forget the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic is not gone yet. We must observe all the safety guidelines and protocols by washing our hands regularly, wear nose masks and maintain social distancing. May Almighty Allah continue to be with us to be able to celebrate more on earth.

“Let us do everything with moderation, extend hands of fellowship to the less privileged and let’s recognize the fact that Covid-19 is still very much with us. Let us live in peace. Religious tolerance is one of the things we must promote. Osun is known for peace and I want us to get celebrated as the most peaceful State in Nigeria.

“Today is thanksgiving and prayer. I greet our Muslim brothers and sisters. I thank God we were able to witness today.

“I commend you for your support and we still need your support. It has been God all the way. Sometimes I ask myself how I have been doing it successfully, but as a man of faith, I know it has been God. Let us continue to allow peace at all times. May Allah continue to be with every one of us. I congratulate you all,” Oyetola added.

Sheikh Musa Animasahun, Osogbo’s Chief Imam, exhorted Muslims to do good deeds, love one another, and be good neighbors in his sermon.

As the world comes to an end, he urged Muslims to avoid from sins and constantly fulfill God’s laws as part of worship, saying the time has come for humanity to grow closer to God than ever before.

Sheikh Musa, who congratulated Muslims all over the world on the occasion of Eid-el-Kabir this year, appealed to God to allow us to witness more on earth, as well as for the prosperity of the Oyetola-led administration.

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