Cute Abiola not missing – Navy

 Cute Abiola not missing – Navy
Cute Abiola

The Nigerian Navy has confirmed that one of its members, OSCOMP Abdulgafar A A, commonly known as Cute Abiola, is in custody and has not been reported missing.

Commodore Salman Dahun, the Navy’s spokeswoman, said Abdulgafar, who is also a comedian, is being kept in his unit for breaking the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s social media policy.

Abdulgafar was also accused of disregarding “specific directions” issued to him, according to him.

The statement was titled, ‘Cute Abiola is not missing navy. It read, “The attention of the Nigerian Navy has been drawn to an online news story which claims that naval personnel, OSCOMP Abdulgafar AA, who incidentally is a popular comedian known as Cute Abiola, has gone missing.

“The Nigerian Navy wishes to categorically debunk this false news report currently trending online.

“OSCOMP Abdulgafar is currently under custody in his unit for breaching the Armed Forces Social Media Policy and refusal to obey particular orders. The Nigerian Navy wishes to avail itself of this incident to remind its personnel to comply with the provisions of the Armed Forces Social Media Policy in their usage of social media platforms.

“The Policy, amongst others, is emplaced to protect their safety and security as well as the information integrity of the activities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.”

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